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How to meet people in a new city

You’ve just moved to a new city. There is so much you want to do, there’s just one problem – you have no one to do things with. And so you get drunk in your room and dwell on your loneliness, telling yourself what a big mistake moving was. You should have stayed where you were. Sure, life was predictable and boring, but at least you had friends!

In my 27 years on planet earth I’ve moved seven times since leaving high school. Each time I’ve had to make new friends in a new city. Sometimes it was easy as I already knew a couple of people who could introduce me to their friends. Other times it was extremely hard.

Generally there’s always a period of at least a few tough months, where you spend too much time in your room dwelling on just how hard it is to meet people that you click with in a new place.

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is an important part of life. I’m a strong believer that those who move to different places are more open-minded, as it’s likely that they have met more people who don’t think the way they do.

The places I’ve lived have had a huge impact on the way I see the world. We are a result of our experiences, and so if all your experiences are the same you can’t expect to grow much as a person. Of course you can have a bunch of different experiences in one place, but they will still be limited compared to if you were to move and get out and see the world and its people.

So when you do move to a new city, how do you actually meet people? As with anything in life, I don’t think there is a secret formula. However, these are some tips I’ve gathered through packing up my life and moving many times.

The best ways to meet people in a new city are to move into a flat with cool people or work in an office with cool people. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to live and work with people you want to be friends with, so these tips are on how to meet people elsewhere.


You have to leave your room/house

As much fun as it is drowning your sorrows in alcohol and dwelling on the fact that your bottle of cheap wine is your only friend, doing this is not going to get you anywhere good. Most likely you will end up homeless due to your alcohol dependency or in rehab. Yes, you will be able to meet people on the street when you’re homeless. There will also be friends to be made in rehab, but both are undesirable situations. You can easily avoid these options by putting the bottle down and heading out into the world to make friends. The friends ain’t gonna come to you.


Begin the stalking process

Thankfully many forms of stalking are legal these days. Find out where the types of people you want to be friends with hang out. Remember, not all friends are created equal and sometimes it’s better to have no friends than the wrong friends. You want to make friends with like-minded people.

What are you into? Do you like to run? Check out running groups. Do you like blogging? Check out blogging groups. Do you like to travel? Find a travel group.


A great way to meet like-minded people, Meetup is a website that profiles groups that meet all over the world. Meetup is a great way to find people with similar interests. And the bigger the city, the more meetup options you’ll have.

When I first moved to London I went to a lot of Meetups. I didn’t always want to go because I had to go by myself, but I forced myself to and something good always came out of it. I met some people that became great friends simply because I put myself out there.

Short courses

Another great way to meet people with similar interests is to check out night classes or short courses in your area. Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn, maybe a language, how to play a musical instrument or how to code or design. Not only will you pick up a new skill you will meet people who are on a similar wave-length.

Connect online

Stalk your favourite bloggers in your city, find people online who are doing what you’re interested in and reach out to them. See if they’d be willing to get a cup of coffee with you. It’s amazing who you can connect with online now. Obviously some people are off-limits (perhaps Kayne West won’t have time for you) but there are many awesome people you can find online who would love to meet up in real life.

While in London I found a girl’s blog who I liked and asked if she’d be keen to meetup. Now we’re friends. Some people will say no or won’t reply to your email, Tweet or message, but you won’t lose anything from reaching out to people.


Take action 

After doing your research you must head to the events, courses and meet up with those you’ve stalked online. If you’re at an event introduce yourself to people. Ask them questions. Do more listening than talking. If you let people talk a lot about themselves they will go away from the conversation feeling good about themselves. Obviously you will need to do some talking (could be awkward otherwise) but make sure you do a lot of listening.

Figure out if those you chat with could be a potential friends. Never say, “I think you could be a potential friend”. It’s unlikely this will go down well. If you think they’re cool be sure to talk to them at the next meetup or event and then eventually see if they’d be keen to get a coffee or hang out.

Maybe you’ll be lucky and they’ll invite you to an event where you can meet their friends. Sometimes all it takes is meeting one person who has a cool group of friends and you’re sorted.

Making friends as an adult in a new city can be hard work. Usually it takes time and it requires stepping out of your comfort zone. But great things happen when you move past the comfortable. You may think it’s fine that alcohol is your only friend. Let me tell you, it’s not. Get out there and make stuff happen for yourself. And remember, every stranger is a potential friend, although some you may want to steer well clear of.

The steps I took to self-publish my first book on Amazon

Self-publishing first book

At the start of July I self-published my first book on Amazon. Just a few short months ago I had no idea how to go about publishing a book. It took a lot of research to figure out all the steps, but it was definitely worth it.

Self-publishing on Amazon is not difficult. There are just a lot of things that you need to learn to make it happen. In this post I’m going to break down the process that I went through to get my book out into the world.

Please keep in mind that I am at the start of my journey and don’t have all the answers. However, I have learnt a few things which I believe could help those who are yet to publish their first book. Continue reading

How to figure out what to do with your life

Slipstream book 3d editedI founded a website called Slipstream, which offers real advice on work and study. My hope is to inspire people to chase after work they’ll enjoy. Not be stuck in a job they hate, living for the weekends.

I have just released a free eBook on Slipstream called What Should I Do With My Life?

It features real advice from 16 young adults. They share how they figured out what they wanted to do for a job and what they wish they’d known about work and study when they left school. The advice shared is honest, it isn’t sugar-coated. The young people featured have a lot of wisdom to share on work and study and so much can be learned from the experiences of others.

I would love for you to check out the eBook. You can sign up for a free copy at Slipstream. If you do check it out I hope that it will inspire you to not settle for work you don’t enjoy.

Are you talented?

guy hat

I called him up to find out what he thought of the piece. To get his approval before handing it over to my manager.

“I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s good.”

And with those two sentences a world of doubt entered my mind about my abilities as a writer. Did I have any talent or was I in fact talentless?

I had written an editorial piece where a business pays for a write up in the newspaper and the business turned out to be unhappy with the final product. I adapted it to their requirements, but still there was no round of applause for my efforts. So I began to wonder, do I have any talent as a writer or am I actually crap at what I do for a living?

There are different levels and variations of talent. We may say, “wow, that person is incredibly talented”, but what does that mean?

I was talking to a friend who’s an English teacher about what defines good writing. “It’s writing that people want to read,” she said.

Many people say that E L James is a terrible writer and yet millions of people wanted to read her books, and have read them.

Many people say that Taylor Swift is a crappy singer, and yet she has made millions of dollars from singing.

We admire people’s talent for different reasons. Taylor Swift is one of my favourite artists, not necessarily for her impressive vocal talent, but for her ability to tell a relatable story through song writing. Many singers don’t write their own songs, but their singing abilities may be out of this world. Everyone is talented in different ways.

I will read a book from one of my favourite writers, or a creative piece that I’ll stumble across on the Internet from an unknown writer. It will blow me away and make me feel incredibly inferior at the same time. I’ll never be able to write like that, I’ll say to myself and I won’t. I’ll never be able to write like anyone other than myself. I can improve on my style of writing, but I will never write the same as Anne Lamott or James Altucher or Marian Keyes (some of my favourite writers).

It’s important to realise the talent that you have and work on improving that. I will never be a writer who wows with their impressive creative vocabulary, or someone who effortlessly strings words together to create vivid scenes in the minds of their readers. But what I can do is write something with a light-hearted tone that makes people feel like they aren’t alone. And so I will continue to try to do that, even though it isn’t for everyone.

What you do will never be for everyone and you won’t always hit the mark. You may create something and you might feel it’s crap, or other people will tell you it’s crap. But then you may create something that will truly help someone, that will make them laugh, discover something they never realised or make them feel they aren’t alone. At times people will say your work impacted them in a positive way and those moments will get you through the rough times.

We always doubt ourselves. We feel like impostors, or that we are always just one creation away from people realising that we actually aren’t talented at all.

But the world is better because we create, even when we miss the mark. Something doesn’t have to be perfect to be valuable. So whatever it is that you do, don’t let the naysayers bring you down. As Taylor Swift sings, “I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me“. So keep on pushing, keep on creating and one day you may just wake up in a castle.

Salad 5

Broccoli, Carrot and Avocado Salad

At times all that’s needed to hit the spot is a simple salad. This broccoli, carrot and avocado salad is perfect to take for lunch at work (which will save you money instead of heading to the local cafe), or as a side salad with dinner. It can be frustrating when recipes include a never-ending list of ingredients, that’s why this salad is a beauty with a small number of elements.

Salad 2


Servings: 2

Prep & cook time: 15 mins


Ingredients (Metric)

2 carrots

1/2 head of broccoli

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

1 avocado

2 tbsp black chia seeds

1 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp olive oil

Pinch of salt



1. Place the pumpkin seeds in a small fry pan, without any oil, and roast on a low heat for about 10 minutes or until slightly brown.

2. Take the pumpkin seeds out of the pan. Place in a bowl and put them in the freezer to cool.

3. Finely slice the carrots into small sticks.

4. Cut the avocado up into small cubes.

5. Remove the broccoli florets and cut them into smaller ones

6. Blanch the broccoli florets in boiling salty water for about 60 seconds to slightly soften them.

7. Once the pumpkin seeds have cooled mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

8. Eat it!

Salad 6


start now 2

7 things to remember today about chasing your dreams

1. You’re not going to get there today, but you might tomorrow, next month or next year as long as you start and keep going.

2. It’s all about little steps, each day.

3. If you don’t do something about it today you may wake up in 50 years and wonder what you did with your life.

4. Have the mindset that you will eventually succeed if you keep persisting. And you will.

5. Regret is the biggest bitch. Do everything to have as few regrets as possible.

6. It’s never too late to become what you want, until you’re dead. 

7. Start now.

Humorous tips for single girls



Being a single girl in society can be a taboo subject, so I wanted to make light of it.

There are many things you’re up against as a single girl in the big, wide world.

How do you survive Valentine’s Day?

How do you attend weddings without a plus one?

How do you handle harassment from everyone about being single?

How do you travel alone as a girl?

How do you cook for one?

These are just a few of the questions that really needed to be answered and so I wrote a book about it called All By Myself: A Humorous Guide to Navigating the World When You’re Single.

You can get it on Amazon now for just US$2.99.

Or, if you don’t feel like forking out money, I’ve created a short video series which features some of the tips from the book. You can access that for free by clicking HERE.

Check out the book trailer and intro to the video series:

Access the rest of the All By Myself video series HERE.

4 things I’ve learned from self-publishing my first book (that apply to any dream)



Until recently I didn’t have any concrete plans to write a book. It was somewhat of a bucket list dream (those things you will do later). I’ve never forgotten a conversation with a family friend a number of years ago who said that if you write a book, you will know that when you die something of you will live on. This comment has always stuck with me.

I do feel some strange reassurance now that I have at least created something that I’m proud of, that I feel has the potential to make people feel less alone and that says something of importance.

On Sunday I self-published my first book and released it on Amazon. They say you should write about what you know and so I wrote about being single. I tried to write the book that I would want to read about being single.  A book that is light-hearted but says it how it is, is honest.

At the end of the book I wrote that if I could make just one person feel less alone in their singleness or bring a little joy to someone’s life, I would know that writing the book was a good life decision.

A couple of days ago I received an email from a girl who thanked me for writing the book and said that she found it incredibly relatable and helpful. And so, I have achieved my goal of impacting one person. It feels good (although, this doesn’t mean I don’t have countless more goals for the book). Here’s four lessons I’ve learned (or relearned) over the past few months.

1. You are the only one who can make things happen for yourself
I used to have this strange idea that if I was talented enough at something then success would just come to me. If I had a gift then it would be impossible for the world to ignore it. It would be my destiny to follow it and things would just happen for me. I don’t think I’m necessarily alone in having thought this way. I believe this is what we are taught when we’re younger. It’s not true.

Nothing happens unless you make a decision to go after it and then do the work.

I think many of us are waiting to be picked, to be chosen. For someone to come along and tell us that we are so talented that we must follow a certain path. People may tell you you are talented at something, but they can’t make anything happen for you, you have to do it yourself. You have to believe you’re worthy of your dream, that you have the goods to get there and make a decision that you will figure out how to get there. Don’t spend your life waiting to be chosen because you will still be waiting when you get to the end of it.

2. It’s going to be harder than you think

It’s a good thing that we don’t know how hard it’s going to be to chase a dream before we start, otherwise many of us may never start. It’s tough going out there. I have chased many ideas in my life and I feel I’m yet to really succeed (depending on how you define success). When we start out we often have these naive ideas of how it’s going to be and how quickly it will happen for us. It won’t happen quickly. It will happen overtime, if you do the work.

If I hadn’t got my butt into gear, if I didn’t do the work to get my book out, it never would have happened. I’d still be talking about it. Putting out a book has been way harder than I anticipated. I thought I’d write the book, get someone to design a cover, get it edited and then put it on Amazon. I thought I’d have to do a little to promote it but that would basically be it. Oh, how wrong I was. They say that writing the book is 10 percent of the work, the other 90 percent is marketing it. I am beginning to see that. I’m sure this principle applies to many dreams.

I launched my book with a free promotion and had 3300 downloads. I made it to be the #1 non-fiction book in the free store on Amazon, which I feel is an awesome achievement. Unfortunately, that has not translated to me selling a decent amount of books each day and now I’m in the process of figuring out how to make that happen. I know that the work has really just begun and I’m going to have to continue to market and write more books. I’m tired already! It’s tough going, but I will keep going because I know it will be worth it.

3. You won’t succeed straight away

We all want to be an overnight success, but even the ‘overnight successes’ weren’t actually an overnight success. You won’t succeed from the get-go, if that were an option everyone would be living their dreams. They aren’t. It will take time.

While doing a lot of research into writing books I often read that almost no author becomes a success with one book. It takes more than one to succeed, generally. Part of me still hoped that I would be the exception to the rule. Maybe my book is different, I thought. Nope! It’s not.

No matter what your dream is you won’t be a success straight away, but if you keep persisting eventually you will be a success (unless you absolutely suck at what you are doing to do, if that is the case I hope someone provides you with some tough love sooner, rather than later).

4. It may be the most important thing to you, but most people won’t care about it like you do

Just because you care about it, doesn’t mean other people will. We all have our own lives and our own interests and you will be wayyy more invested in your thing than anyone else will be. Hopefully you will have some awesome friends or family members who will also get behind your dream, but it still won’t be the most important thing to them. It’s your baby, not theirs. They don’t have to care about it like you do.

An author I have recently connected with says her mum still hasn’t read any of her books. I think this is a bit rough, but also a reminder that not everyone will care about what you’re doing (hopefully your mum will though!).

We hope that the people we know will love and support our dreams, but some of them won’t. For some people you know it may just serve as a reminder of how they aren’t following their dreams. There’s not much you can do about that. Just hope that they will eventually support you, as you should them when they follow their dreams.

Going after something you love or dream of doing will always be hard, but it will always be worth it. It is much better to chase something (no matter how hard it is, what it takes or how long it takes to get there) than to simply not try. One of the worst things in life is regret, so if you have a dream that you want to achieve I encourage you to chase it.

You are worthy of your dreams and there is no greater satisfaction than seeing something come to fruition that only exists because you decided to do it. No one will make it happen for you, but you can make it happen for yourself. Yes, it will be hard and yes, it will take longer than you think, but we are all given talents, abilities and dreams for a reason. Perhaps it’s time you started to use what you’ve been given. Start now.

My book – All By Myself

My book is a humorous guide for single girls. I’ve been lucky enough to have some great reviews on Amazon. Here’s one:

“This book is laugh-out-loud funny! I was literally laughing the entire way through and read it all in one sitting! It’s also practical and full of brilliant sassy advice I SO wish I’d had when I was first assigned to singledom!

I think my favourite bit was the single comebacks- Concerned Citizen: “Don’t worry, a nice man will come along”. Comeback: “Thank you, I’m just sitting here waiting for that day. Unfortunately, until then, I’ve got nothing to live for.” LOL!

I hope the author brings out more kindle books as it’s so refreshing to read something so down to earth, funny and actually helpful. Loved it!”

You can check out my book by clicking HERE. I have launched with the Kindle eBook and I’m working on putting the paperback out.

If you’ve always wanted to write a book I’m more than happy to share what I’ve learned so far about self-publishing. Just get in touch! The best way would be through my Facebook Author Page. Click HERE.


Do you feel disappointed by life?


She was sorting through her old cards.

Cards from moments gone. From birthdays, Christmases, but most significantly, her wedding. A wedding to symbolise the beginning of happily-ever-after. A happily-ever-after that didn’t last.

It was a sad moment to be a part of. The kind where your heart breaks a little for someone else.

I asked her if she felt like we start off in life so full of hope and as time goes on reality kind of breaks us down. She said, “Yes”.

I understand that’s a cynical question to ask. But I think it’s hard not be disappointed sometimes when things don’t go as we hoped they would.

I do look back on how I was in my early 20s. So full of optimism, hopes and dreams. I viewed the world in two shades, black and white. If you do this, you get that. If you act that way, this will happen. I wish that things were actually that simple. Sometimes they are, but often they aren’t.

At times it’s hard to see the world in a positive light. There is so much pain in the world. I hear the reports of all the people who have died in Nepal as a result of the earthquake and I honestly can’t think about it. I can’t think of all the people who are in pain because of it. Am I ignoring it? In a way, yes.

If we took on all the pain in the world we’d break. Sometimes we can just manage a small amount, just our own.

As Pat says in Sliver Linings Playbook, “The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That’s guaranteed…”


“You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.”

Life can be painful.  It can hurt. It can disappoint. Cause your heart to break.

But there is always lots of beauty, we just have to open our eyes to it. And as long as you are breathing there is always hope that great things can happen. That the dreams you had for yourself at the beginning can still happen for you. No matter how old, broken or cynical you may be.

So don’t give up. Do everything you can do, no matter how broken you feel. Work your hardest, hold on during the horrible parts, if you can, try to stay positive in the midst of the pain and then, as Pat says, you will have a shot at a silver lining.

Because, “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” – Desiderata.

How to create a vision board

Vision Board 2

Thanks to Mama O (Oprah Winfrey) I learnt about vision boards a few years ago. I have created various boards over the years and last week I was inspired to put together one for 2015, so out came the magazines, scissors and glue and I got down to business.

What is a vision board?

It is a board that displays images and notes about the dreams that you have for yourself or things that you want to do or be in your life. It’s a clear, visual reminder of everything that you would like to achieve.

Why create a vision board?

Because it’s fun! How often do you get to cut up pictures and glue them to a board? Perhaps the last time you did anything along these lines was in Primary School. It’s hard being an adult!

Obviously fun isn’t the only reason, in fact it is the probably the least important reason to create a vision board.

The truth is that there’s power in visualising the things that you want to become a reality. One of my favourite stories is of how Jim Carey put into action the power of visualisation.

Before Jim Carrey was rich or famous he would visualise the things he wanted becoming a reality. He even wrote himself a cheque for 10 million dollars (before he had anywhere near that amount of money) for acting services rendered and gave himself three years, dating it November 1995.

Just before November 1995 Jim Carrey found out he was going to make 10 million dollars for Dumb and Dumber. Obviously he did more than just write himself a cheque. In the interview where he shares this story with Oprah she says, “Visualisation works if you work hard.” Not only did Jim Carrey visualise using the cheque he created, but he also put in the work needed to bring his dream to reality.

By creating a vision board you will be using the same technique Jim Carey used with his cheque. Creating something visual that represents your dreams.

Why does visualisation work?

Science has shown that your brain can’t tell the difference between a visualised image and reality. Isn’t that awesome! A Harvard study created two groups of people and taught both an easy five-fingered piano piece. One group physically practised the melody for two hours a day for five days. The other group just visualised playing the melody. At the end of the study it was found that the new neurological wiring that was created as a result of the learning was almost identical in both groups. Isn’t that amazing!

Simply by visualising what you want you can trick your mind into believing that you already have it, helping to make it a reality.

How do you make the board?


First of all think about the things you want to achieve or the dreams you have for your life. You may want to write a list. For me some of the things that I want to see happen include:

  • Publish numerous books on Amazon and hit the Top 100 list in humour and entertainment
  • Run a marathon
  • Earn $5,000 each month from passive income
  • Write on a daily basis
  • See more of the world, including New York

You can see these dreams on my vision board. As you can see I’ve left space at the bottom of the cardboard for when I have new dreams that pop up.

Vision Board 1

These are the things you will need to create your vision board:

  • A piece of large cardboard
  • Pictures of the things you want to achieve & quotes that motivate you (these could be from magazines or printed off the Internet)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Arrange the pictures and words on the cardboard and glue them in place. That’s it!

Vision Board 3

Vision Board 4

Vision Board 5

Where should you keep your board? 

Anywhere you like, but make sure it’s placed somewhere where you will be able to see it on a daily basis. Mine is hanging on the wall behind on my bed. When I sit at my desk to write it is in clear view. This is important. The more you focus on the pictures on the board the bigger the impact.

How will pictures on a board change your life?

The truth is they won’t. If you create a vision board but don’t actively visualise using it it won’t do a damn thing for your life. I am super guilty of doing this. But every day is a chance to get it right.

The power of the vision board lies in you taking the time to visualise, looking at the pictures and dreams represented on your board, feeling and seeing what your life would be like if you already had the things you want. It is in the practice of feeling like you already have the things you want that the magic happens. You are tricking your subconscious mind into believing that what you want is already a reality.

All this may sound a bit too woo woo for you, but the truth is that it has worked for other people so there’s no reason why it won’t work for you. Take the time to create a vision board, hang it somewhere where you will see it all the time and practice visualising everyday. Amazing things could happen as a result. What have you got to lose?

Snorting coke + telling other people where they’re going wrong

“I hate people in night clubs, snorting coke and explaining where you’re going wrong.” – Passenger

Do you ever think about the fact that your parents had no idea what they were doing when they raised you?

Perhaps you have a boat load of issues and so it’s extremely clear that your parents didn’t know what they were doing. If this is the case, I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation prize – we all have our issues.

I was having coffee with a friend on a Thursday and it turned into a laughing session about how little our parents must have known when raising us.

How old were your parents when they had you? If my maths serves me correctly (which it usually doesn’t) my mum was 28. That’s one year older than I am now. Holy crap! If I were to pop a child into the world right now someone would need to be constantly praying for that poor little soul.

What does all this have to do with coke? You say. Ok, ok, settle down. I’m getting to the point, slowly.

Doing coke


“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.” – Paulo Coelho

As Passenger sings in his awesome song I Hate, too many of us are snorting coke while telling other people where they’re going wrong, metaphorically of course. Or not, I can’t know how you spend your evenings, or mornings, depending on if you are a morning person. You may have coke for breakfast. I hope not.

We’re all figuring this thing out as we go along. We only live once (as far as I’m aware) so we are literally making it up as we go, kind of like running around in the dark, hoping that we won’t bang into any sharp furniture corners. Sometimes we do. Doesn’t it hurt?

It’s easy to look at others’ lives and think we know exactly what they should be doing or how they should be living, all the while we’re sitting in dark corners doing coke. I don’t know why I said dark corners. I’m sure people do coke in well-lit corners also.

Just like our parents had no idea what they were doing, we too have no idea what we’re doing. Keep that in mind next time you judge the outside of someone’s life. Just take care of your own, I’m sure it needs all the attention it can get.

P.S I apologise if you were disappointed that this post wasn’t actually an account about me doing illegal drugs. I may just save that for another day. Can’t give out all my good stuff at once! Also, for the record, I am generally against illegal drugs. This is my disclaimer.


The Half Price Bargain Bin


This is a regular feature where I share awesome things I’ve come across on the web. Why is this a bargain? Because you don’t have to sort your way through the crap on the internet to find quality. I’ve spent the most productive hours of my life doing that, so you don’t have to.


Society tells us that some of the most respected people are those who become lawyers or doctors. As soon as someone tells us they own either of these job titles we are taught to think, “Oh, they must be smart and rich.”

Here’s an awesome video about a guy who was a doctor and after realising that it was making him miserable decided to quit and spend his time rollerblading along a boardwalk. Check out his cool story!

Personality test

Do you know what your personality type is? I recently did this test, which is based on the Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality tests. Once you have done the test you can find a detailed description of your type here.

I discovered that I’m an ENFP. My profile was crazy accurate and it’s helped me to realise a lot about myself. I recommend it!

Eating salad

Saw this posted on FB. Cracked me up!

Pizza pic


You never know whose life is depending on your bravery

I came across this post on Mind Body Green which moved me. Not only did I love it because it talks about Kris Carr, an inspiring wellness role model, but because it reminded me of the fact that we can never completely know the impact we are having on others. An awesome, inspiring read!

One from the archives

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4 ways to escape the pain of regret

Regrets pic words

She was bulimic – we all “knew” it.

When I was 19 years old and studying at university I lived in dorms, a few rooms down the hall from Jules*.

Jules was super skinny, but would constantly be eating. One evening I went into her room and she was in the middle of consuming a two litre tub of ice-cream. Bulimic, she must be. That was the conclusion we all came to.

I cleaned the toliets on our dorm floor. I was tired of cleaning up what I believed to be throw-up stains. So I came up with a genius plan; I’d create “Do you have bulimia?” posters and stick them on the bathroom doors. Posters which would provide a support number, but also hopefully stop people from throwing up in the toliets that I had to clean.

Jules knew the posters were targeted towards her. She knew it was my idea and that I’d created them. It ended in a horrible confrontation, where she told me of extremely sad situations she was dealing with.

I wish I hadn’t created those posters. I wish I could take that back.

At the time I thought it was a brilliant idea, which would make my cleaning job a lot easier. Looking back I realise just how cruel it was, a selfish decision based on judgement, not love, without any facts. An intrusion into another person’s story, which I had no idea about.

This is just one regret I have.

I have many.

I hate it when people say they have no regrets. Perhaps they don’t like to own the “regret” label because it’s become popular to say you don’t have any.

The truth is having regrets just means you’re human. I don’t know how anybody alive could honestly say that there are no moments, or choices, if given the chance they wouldn’t choose to take back, or change.

I try not to dwell on regrets, but there are days when they definitely dominate my thoughts.

I wish I didn’t say that.

I wish I didn’t hurt them.

I wish I said how I really felt.

I wish I had acted sooner.

I wish I had treated myself better.

I wish I had tried harder.

I wish, I wish, I wish.

Life isn’t about living without any regrets, it’s about living in spite of them. It’s about finding ways to not let them define you.

Maya Angelou once said, “This is what I’m learning,” because the learning is never finished, never done.

This is what I’m learning when it come to living with regrets.

1) A lot of emotional pain is caused by our inability to accept that we can’t change the past

Hal Elrod was 20 years old when his car was hit head on by another. He was declared dead for six minutes, before coming back to life. After waking up in hospital Hal was told he had suffered brain damage and that he may never walk again.

A few days later hospital staff pulled his father aside, saying they were concerned about his son because he appeared to be too happy, clearly he hadn’t accepted the reality of his situation.

As it turned out the reason for Hal’s happiness was that he had accepted his reality. He realised that he couldn’t change what had happened. What was done was done. Hal did end up walking again and has gone on to do great things, but “Can’t change it” is still his mantra.

The past is just that, the past. It’s been and gone. There’s no point continually beating yourself up over what can’t be changed. It’s done. You no longer get a say over it. Release it. You may find that by releasing and accepting it, a lot of your pain will be gone.

2) Your past doesn’t need to dictate your future

Just because something bad happened in your past doesn’t mean it needs to define your future. You get to choose as to whether or not you will let your mistakes, or the mistakes of others, consume you.

The best way to look at your regrets is to learn from them. Remember them so you won’t repeat your mistakes and get caught in a vicious cycle of regret. It’s important to grow from each regret so you can make room for the many more mistakes you will make as life goes on. Don’t you love being human!

3) Someday the pain you feel now will be a distant memory

The pain of regret fades, in time it won’t hurt as much as it does now. You may never forget what has happened (this is perhaps a good thing), but if you do the work you will be able to forgive yourself and others for the past.

Nothing lasts forever. When you are in a crisis it’s almost impossible to see out of it. But the pain won’t always be as intense. It may always be there, like a broken heart that never completely heals. If you smash a plate can it ever be perfectly put back together? No, cracks will remain. But that’s how the light gets in.

4) There is always redemption, it just might not look how you think it will

Redemption will come. It just may not be the answer you initially hoped or prayed for. We may wish with everything we have that we could go back and make different choices. Unfortunately we can’t.

That kind of redemption is not available to us. However, what we can trust in is that some kind of answer will always come. We will find a way to move on from our pain, we will find a way to forgive. In time things won’t seem as hard. We will learn what to do, how to carry on, despite what has happened to us.

“When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is about.”  – Haruki Murakam

5) Be kind

If we allowed it, we could beat ourselves up for the rest of our lives for our mistakes. Don’t. No progress is made in this space.

The number one rule in life should be to be kind, to yourself. How you treat yourself is often how you will treat others. Get into the habit of treating yourself with the respect you deserve. Regardless of the regrets you have you are still worthy of love.

Having regrets, making mistakes – these things make you human. It’s all a part of the human experience. Be kind to yourself for being human. It’s not your fault, really. Your parents are to blame.

*Name has been changed for obvious reasons



What’s your number? Profile: Christel Price (Yours truly)

Number Christel Price

This is a new segment where I’ll be profiling people from all walks of life and asking them questions about getting older, struggles, the highs and what they want to be remembered for. To kick things off I thought I would answer the questions I will be throwing at other people.

What’s your number (age)? 


How do you feel about getting older?

Mixed feelings. At times I feel scared that the older I get the less relevant I will be in society because we live in a culture obsessed with youth. But I also like getting older because I feel like I am learning more, becoming more accepting of myself and less afraid of things I used to be scared of, such as living up to others’ expectations.

What would you say has been the best year of your life so far?

I can’t really say that one year has been the best because I feel like in each year there has been both challenges and amazing highs. I think this is a reflection of life, that there will always be highs and lows no matter what the year. I liked being 18, but I think that actually at the time I didn’t appreciate it and I wouldn’t want to go back to the person I was then. 2013 will always stick out as a high because it was the year I moved to London, something I had dreamed of doing. I’ll never forget the feeling of arriving and the excitement I felt about what that adventure would hold.

What has been the greatest struggle of your life to date? If you have got past this struggle, how did you get through it?

I would say accepting myself has been the greatest struggle of my life. I was at war with my own body for much of my 20s. I have come a long way now and it makes me sad to think of how cruel I was to myself. It’s definitely been a journey to self-acceptance and I feel like I’m just beginning to come into my own. It’s an amazing feeling to not be at war anymore and to be closer to accepting myself, with my flaws.

To deal with this struggle I did a lot of soul-searching, questioned the beliefs that I had about myself and changed the things I said to myself on a daily basis. I read a lot of positive books and also went to a therapist. I didn’t wake up one day and was just past it, it took a lot of time and each day I have to choose to treat myself better.

What has been the most important lesson you’ve learnt?

That being kind to yourself is the most important thing. You are the one person you will be with your whole life and it is vital that you learn to treat yourself with the respect and love you deserve.

The standards in society can make you feel like you will never be enough but there is a whole system in place designed to make you feel that way. It isn’t the truth. The truth is that because you were born and because you exist you are deserving of all the love and respect in the world, just the same as anybody else.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

I can’t decide! It’s out of these three:

  • That I inspired them to follow their dreams
  • That they believed that I could do anything I wanted
  • That I brought much joy to their life

What would you want to be remembered for?

That I did my best, that people were better for knowing me, that I was positive and fun, wasn’t afraid to follow my dreams and that I cared about others.

The Half Price Bargain Bin: Too many awesome links in one place

Half Price Bargain Bin


This is a new segment in which I’ll be sharing cool things I’ve found on the net during some of the most productive hours of my life.

Have you heard of Food Matters TV? You can watch heaps of amazing documentaries & videos on health, the environment, personal development, all things positive, really! It’s awesome.

Just yesterday I watched a documentary called The Lottery of Birth and it was epic! It discusses freedom and asks the questions: “Do you shape the world or does the world shape you? Is freedom something we are born with or something we must work to attain?”

It’s the best documentary I’ve seen in a while and definitely makes you think about your place in the world. You do have to pay a subscription to watch videos on the platform but for me it’s been well worth it. Continue reading

Maya quote 2

Wise words from the amazing Maya Angelou

When looking for wisdom, it’s hard to go past Maya Angelou’s words. She was one wise lady. Unfortunately, she died last year, before we got the chance to grab a coffee together. It’s ok, I’m sure we shall get a cuppa sometime when I’m also six feet under.

Who was Maya Angelou?

An american author, poet, dancer, actress and singer, Maya published seven autobiographies and is well-known for her book I know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I actually came across Maya through one of my other fav people, Oprah. Watch any interview with Maya and you will see that not only did she have a way with words, she was an extremely beautiful, honest, loving person. Continue reading

7 Reasons a Tiny House Could Change Your Life

tiny house edit

Being a little person, I like little things. So when I came across tiny houses I lost the plot, understandably.

What is a tiny house?

Although it may be hard to tell from the name, it is a small house. While the average New Zealand house is around 1600 square feet, the typical tiny house is around 100 to 400 square feet.

Here are seven reasons why a tiny house could change your life.

1. It’s a smaller investment, compared to buying a full size house

The average house price in New Zealand is around $450,000. Crazy. That is a massive investment. The average tiny house, if built by the owners with a bit of professional help, will cost around $25,000. Obviously, this figure can differ significantly depending on many different factors, and it will cost more if you have to pay someone to build the entire house. But this is still a much cheaper option than buying a normal sized house.

2. No mortgage

Did you know that mortgage in French means “death contract”? A $450,000 house paid off at $300 a week would take around 31 years to pay for, not including maintenance and insurance costs. If your mortgage interest rate is 6 percent and it takes 31 years to pay off you will have paid around $540,000 in interest. OMG, that is ridiculous. Want to calculate interest figures yourself? Check out this mortgage calculator.

$25,000 would be a small deposit if buying a house that is $450,000. For that price you could completely pay for a tiny house and live mortgage free. No debt, now that’s an awesome way to live.

3. Fewer expenses

Obviously with a smaller house there are fewer expenses. Tiny houses can also be designed to be entirely self-contained and off-grid, meaning they generate their own power and electricity. Imagine no mortgage, no bills, no rates. Ain’t that the dream! Maintenance costs will also be minimal.

4. You can live by the beach!

Many tiny houses are built on trailers, which means you are able to move them as you please. Just find a bit of land where you can park it up and you’re good to go. Know people who own land next to a beach? See if they are willing to rent out a bit of land and prepare yourself for the life that many people dream of, for a fraction of the cost.

Portable tiny houses are ideal because if you want to experience life in different locations it’s extremely easy to do just that. You can live in a big city for a few months, then when you’re tired of the city, move to a country location. The best of both worlds.

5. Less stuff

We are obsessed with stuff in our society. We think if we buy more it will make us happy. It doesn’t. Usually it just keeps us locked in a vicious cycle. Too many people work in a crappy job to pay for stuff they don’t really want, get into debt to buy more and more and then stay in a job they don’t like because they believe they need to be making a lot of money to be happy. It’s a terrible trap. Often this trap leads to depression and the feeling of being caught in a life you don’t want to be in.

The less stuff you have, the more free you are. Yes, we do need a certain amount of things to live comfortably. But what we actually need is not that much. Having more stuff and being stuck in debt makes you a slave to the system.

In a tiny house you have limited space, meaning you will have to get rid of a lot of stuff and stop buying more. This is good for your bank account, your state of mind and the environment.

6. It’s good for the planet

It takes a lot less resources to build a tiny house than a normal sized house and smaller houses use less electricity & power. We are using the planet’s resource at a faster rate than the earth can replace them. Housing plays a massive role in using up the earth’s resources. Tiny houses are better for the world.

7. Less cleaning, less work

I am a fan of the saying, “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.” Too much time is wasted cleaning houses, mowing lawns and wedding gardens. A smaller house means less cleaning and more living. Cleaning is not something you want to be spending a lot of time on. How would you feel if you got to the end of your life and realised you spent a large portion of it cleaning? I would definitely be disappointed. There is too much to do in this life to waste time on unnecessary window scrubbing.

Try before you buy

Before you invest in a tiny house it’s important to see whether or not living in a smaller space is something you can do and will enjoy. There are plenty of tiny houses on Airbnb which you can hire out for a few nights. Cedric is a tiny house located in Auckland, New Zealand which you can stay in for around $144 for two people per night.


Source: Livingbiginatinyhouse.com

Why not head to Hawaii and stay in this epic tiny house?

Source: Tinyhousetalk.com

Source: Tinyhousetalk.com

When I stumbled across this beauty after hours of tiny house stalking on the Internet, I fell in love. Built by Kristie Wolfe (this woman is awesome), it is a haven on a tropical island and I definitely plan to stay in it one day. If you want to stay in this tiny house it will set you back about $230 a night for two people. Check out this video to see a full tour of this amazing house and also get details on how it was built (including costs).

As you can see from these two examples, it’s not always cheap to temporarily stay in a tiny house. Why? They are a novelty. Uniquely built structures, hiring out a tiny house for a short stay appeals to a lot of people. Staying in a tiny house is an ideal getaway for many people. As a bonus, if you invest in a tiny house you can rent it out when you’re away. My dream is to live in New Zealand for six months of the year and travel for the other six months. If I were to build a tiny house I would rent it out when overseas, creating a nice little side income.

Sold on a tiny house? I wouldn’t mind a planet full of tiny houses. I believe it would be a better world, with less stuff, less debt, happier people and a healthier environment.

How to remain fully clothed in 2015


New Years Resolution: Get Naked

I was on a beach on the East Coast of New Zealand and I decided that the best way to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 was to get naked. Going for a skinny dip is a great way to start a new year, I thought.

Unfortunately, 2015 arrived and I was fully clothed. I failed. Some would say it’s an achievement; starting a new year without exposing yourself to strangers and the elements. I felt disappointed. This year I thought I’d get it right and free myself from the constraints of society, one of the constraints being clothes. Continue reading

Life Without Bread – A Month on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet



Who needs bread when you can dig into this?


Would life be worth living if I couldn’t eat carbs?

This is a question I would often ask myself when I was younger. I would try to go without from time to time, while attempting the latest fad diet, but I always came to the conclusion that life without bread would be no life at all.

I have tried many diets in my time. I’m pleased to announce it’s been a number of years since I decided to live on cabbage soup for a week, “eat” meal replacement shakes for months on end, or believed that not eating for six days would make me a more beautiful person. It didn’t, it just made me angry. And we all know how ugly angry people can look.

On November 24th I did decide to go on another diet, not to get skinny, but to see if by changing my diet I could improve my health. I decided on the Simple Carbohydrate Diet, because it has helped people with immunity issues and so I thought it couldn’t do any harm, let’s try this thing for a month! Continue reading

A blonde moment: Outside Taylor Swift's 22 Concert at the O2 in London.

9 life lessons from a blonde

Maybe you think you hate Taylor Swift.

Do you really? Maybe you are jealous of her dance moves. Maybe you are envious of the fact that she is super-model tall. Hey, we’ve all been there. Regardless of your feelings towards Taylor Swift and her music, she has plenty of worthwhile things to say. She may be 24 but she is wise, so I wanted to share just what we can learn from her.

1. “Are we out of the woods yet?”

In a song from Taylor Swift’s 1989 album she asks, “Are we out of the woods yet?”  In life we just want to be out of the woods, but I’m not sure we ever get do get out. I’m not sure we are ever in the clear. We may get out of one patch of woods, but then we enter another.

Taylor’s song refers to a relationship, but I think it’s a question we ask ourselves in all different areas of life. When are we going to be ok? When are we going to have it all together? When are we going to feel like we have it all figured? When are we going to be out the woods?  Life is all about learning, it’s about walking through different woods. Each time we go into one and come out the other side we learn something. Then we enter another woods, but we get to take the learned lessons with us. Continue reading

On perfection

Lena Dunham“Our culture has such a focus on the idea of perfection, on becoming your most ideal self, but the fact is we’re all just struggling through every day making all of these mistakes and then carrying all of this shame about our mistakes. And I’d love if my book could even play the tiniest role in freeing us up from some of that.” – Lena Dunham

I’m glad that someone like Lena Dunham exists. Someone who is brave enough to tell the truth. The truth that we’re all struggling our way through life, and that it’s ok to just do the best you can. We shouldn’t be ashamed of not being perfect. We are human and flawed. It’s time we changed what is ‘ok’ in society.

‘It won’t happen to me’ – On getting older

I’m not sure exactly when it happened. Perhaps a short time after my 26th birthday it dawned on me: I’m going to get old.

It’s crazy to think that someone could not realise that they too are going to get old, like every other single human being on the planet. I don’t know if I was alone in this thinking, that I was going to be ‘young’ forever. Actually, I know I’m not.

I was talking to my mum the other day and she spoke about a performance she did when she was in primary school. What? My mum, in primary school? It’s extremely odd to think of her as a child. I don’t know if it’s because if you have always viewed someone as much older than you, you can’t imagine them any differently. Or imagine how they existed before you.

I’m 26 years old and I’m starting to notice lines on my forehead. I’m in two minds about them, I don’t know if they are necessarily a bad thing. They tell stories. Stories of good and hard times. Stories of things that I’ve learned. As they start to become more defined I may begin to feel differently about them. Continue reading

The space of without


So much of life is about how you deal with being in the space of without.

Without health

Without money

Without love

Without your dream job

Without freedom

At any point in your life you will be without something, because in order to get somewhere there is a massive period of time where you are working towards what you want.

Being without isn’t necessarily about constantly striving, it’s about doing what you can and then letting go. It’s about being ok with being without.

Your mind can be your worst enemy during the times of without. It may tell you that you will never be with, that you will always be struggling and never arrive. It may try to see that you lose hope. Don’t.

Life is all about how you deal with the times when you are without. Do what you can, and then let go. Surrender your dreams and wishes. It will help you find peace in the middle of a struggle. You will arrive someday, just not today.

Have faith.

Will you accept me if I change?

transparentDuring an extremely productive hour of my life I was watching Entertainment Tonight and it featured a story about a new show called Transparent.

It’s about a Los Angeles family and their lives following the discovery that their father Mort is transgender.

Now I’m not about to go into a rant about transgender stuff, as I know it divides a lot of people, however, the main character (played by Jeffrey Tambor from Arrested Development) was interviewed by ET and said something that really hit me.

He said:

Ultimately Transparent asks the question, ‘Will you still love me if I change?’

I thought that was such a beautiful way to explain the heart of the series and also a super important question that we all ask at certain points in our lives.

First the question is:

Will you love me if I show you who I really am?

Then, as life goes on it can become:

Will you still love me if I change?

Life is all about love, accepting ourselves, allowing others to love us and to love them in return. We all have fears that love is conditional. But real love isn’t.

How can you show unconditional love today? Towards yourself and others.

A good question for any day.

5 ways to like yourself more (ain’t nothing wrong with that!)

21_Charlie_chaplin_love_myself_frame_650   Charlie Chaplin was a smart guy. He figured out that everything in life was a by-product of how much he loved himself. When I realised that everything in life stems from self-love it was freeing. It’s amazing to know that you have the power to change your life simply by how you feel about yourself. If we were all actors in this life, playing out our roles, we would have far too many people playing the role of the victim. I played that role for a large part of my life, believing that things happened to me and I had no say in the matter. The truth is we do get a say. We don’t always get to decide what happens to us, but we get to decide how we respond to things, and that then in turn impacts how things will play out for us in the future. Continue reading

Stories from Romania: Calling for support for an inspiring & beautiful project


This is Dana.

Born in a jail

I know this girl who was born in one of the worst jails in Romania, and her mum was a prostitute. Let’s call this girl Daniela Brown to protect her identity (that’s actually her real name).

I was born in New Plymouth hospital. I can’t remember any of it (thank goodness!). Hospitals aren’t ideal places to hang out but I’m pretty sure coming into the world would have been less of a shock for me, than it was for Dana (short for Daniela), being born in a jail and all.

Off to an orphanage

After a short trial, Dana was released from jail and sent to an orphanage.  The judge figured that since Dana was a new-born baby she couldn’t possibly have committed any crimes. Continue reading

How to get through the lonely moments of your life

lonely pic

“Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.”  – Max Ehrmann

I was in London, I had two friends, and they lived an hour across the city. I was lonely, really lonely. I had moved across the world to a city with more than eight million people and I was lonely. During those early London days I spent more time than I’d like to admit sitting in my room, drinking bottles of wine (slight exaggeration), listening to the Beatles singing, “I look at all the lonely people”. I remember thinking, I can’t believe I’m one of them, and this was not how it was supposed to be. It was definitely not how I envisioned my life would look when I had dreamed of moving to London three years earlier.

Continue reading

Are you living your Personal Legend?



My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. It tells the story of a young shepherd called Santiago who dreams of finding a treasure in the pyramids of Egypt and so embarks on a journey to follow his dreams. It is a simple, but inspiring book which helped me to believe in the power of my own dreams.

My good friend, Stacie Lynch, sent me an interview with The Alchemist author Paulo Coehlo and Oprah, which was featured in The O Magazine.

I want to share some of my favourites parts of the interview.

Paulo: A Personal Legend is the reason you are here. It’s as simple as that. You can fill your hours and days with things that are meaningless. But you know you have a reason to be here. It is the only thing that gives you enthusiasm.

Oprah: I call it your personal calling.

Paulo: Yes. And you know that when you lack enthusiasm you are betraying your Personal Legend.

Oprah: And you believe we all have one?

Paulo: I’m 100 percent convinced. Which is totally different from believing that every person is going to fulfill his or her Personal Legend. But I do believe that we know our reason to be here. We don’t know if we are taking the exact right steps toward it. But if you are honest enough, God will guide you. Even if you take some wrong steps along the way, God will recognise that you have a pure heart and put you back on track.

Oprah: The universe will rise up to meet you.

Paulo: Yes.

Oprah: In the beginning of the book, when Santiago’s father is trying to convince him not to go, the boy can sense that his father wishes he had gone. You write, “He gave the boy his blessing. The boy could see in his father’s gaze a desire to be able, himself, to travel the world – a desire that was still alive, despite his father’s having had to bury it, over dozens of years, under the burden of struggling for water to drink, food to eat..” Most people get hung up on the burden and lose the dream.

Paulo: But there’s always an inner child who says, “Hey, do you remember that dream?”

Oprah: And real courage is being able to step out and live that dream. That’s really the only courage you ever need.

Oprah: So early on in The Alchemist, Santiago is told of the world’s greatest lie. What is that?

Paulo: That you don’t control your life – that there is a system, an establishment, that doesn’t allow you to control anything. You buy into the world’s greatest lie the moment you agree to obey rules that are not your rules. When you say, “I have to”. So many people say, in that moment, “Am I going to be different? Am I going to make people upset? No”.

Paulo: My Personal Legend was to be a writer. I was 39 years old and I decided that I had a dream I could no longer live without fulfilling. It was killing me. So I quit everything to write full-time. I had been worried about hurting my wife and my parents. But I realised that they wanted to see me happy.

Oprah: But you know what? I think not everyone knows what their Personal Legend – their purpose, their calling – really is. People are always saying to me, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life.”

Paulo: They know. It’s very difficult, Oprah, to accept that you know what you’re supposed to do when you are not doing it. Because from the moment that you know, you have to either leave a lot of things behind or live aware that you are not fully treasuring the miracle of being alive.

Oprah: Like the merchant who didn’t go to Mecca in The Alchemist. Who wanted to go, but kept postponing, and finally realised he was never going to go.

Paulo: Yes. In my life, I think I learned this.

Oprah: So the reason that many people never pursue their Personal Legend is because of their fear of failure. I love the quote from The Alchemist: “Don’t give in to your fears,’ said the alchemist, in a strangely gentle voice. ‘If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart.”

Paulo: Every heart is fearful. A heart is like a flower, you know? It can be very brave, but it can be easily hurt.

The Alchemist has inspired me to chase after things that I love, and not just settle for a life that isn’t the one that I’m meant to live. It’s extremely hard to block out all the expectations that society puts on you, and live a life that is true to yourself. But as Paulo says, this is our life’s purpose, to follow our bliss, our personal legend.

I highly recommend reading The Alchemist, if you haven’t. Maybe it’s time to say ‘yes’ to something, instead of ‘no’. It might just change your life.

It won’t last forever

Taylor Swift quote

One of my favourite quotes is:

This too shall pass

When we’re in the middle of something, it’s hard to see that one day it will be a distant memory. The pain won’t last forever, it will always be a part of you, but it won’t hurt forever. If you look back on your life you will see that you got over the things that happened to you.

Someone broke your heart, you survived it. You couldn’t find a job, you eventually got one. You were alone, and then you weren’t. You were sick, you got through it. Someone hurt you, you moved on from the pain. We always get through things. We survive. The difficulty is knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel when you’re still in the dark. It’s there. You just can’t see it.

Someday you won’t remember the pain you thought would last forever

Focus on where you want to be, but accept this moment for what it is. It’s here to teach you something. Our tiny, little brains aren’t capable of seeing past right now. Know there is a bigger plan, and on the days that you lose hope, remember that the plans for your life are greater than your dreams.

When colours didn’t mix


Life was much simplier then, than it is now. I miss the ignorance that you have as a child, or as someone unable to see how ways of thinking can be slightly grey, not just black or white.

Unfortunately there are all shades of grey, but at the same time that’s what makes this world interesting. Confusing, but somehow freeing. That we don’t have to live in just two colours. We can look at the world and make our own colours, and decide that if black isn’t for us, we can create a new shade.

Be kind to one another


It was 12.30am on a Saturday.

I was in the lounge, glued to my computer. Then it came. A massive bang on the glass doors from the outside world. Bang, bang, bang.

It was a young guy, perhaps in his early 20s. A stranger. He was bleeding, distraught, and soaked, and crying. We let him in and he lay by our front door. He asked us to call an ambulance. We did. He spoke in broken sentences, something along the lines of being beaten up by friends. “You have no idea what I’ve just been through”, he said. We didn’t, still don’t.

Amazing actor & comedian Robin Williams died this week, and it hurt my heart. Continue reading

Letting go of the past


Do sad people have in


It seems

They have all built a shrine

To the past

And often go there

And do a strange wail and


What is the beginning of Happiness?

It is to stop being

So religious

Like That.

~ Hafiz

Sometimes I’m sad about things that have happened in my past, mourning what was and wishing that it could have been different. 

Today I came across the above poem by one of my favourite poets, Hafiz.

On an episode of Oprah a guest said that forgiveness is letting go of the hope that things could have been different. They can’t be. The past is gone. It’s done, but what you do have is a choice over is how much it dictates your future. Continue reading

Started from the bottom, now I’m still here: How to get through a quarter-life crisis

Quarter life crisis post

Just like the rapper Drake, I started at the bottom. Drake sings “Started from the bottom, now we’re here”, except ‘here’ for me isn’t throwing million dollar parties, taking ‘legal’ drugs and hangin’ out with hot male models and bitches. ‘Here’ is back living with my parents at the age of 26.

It hit me a few weeks ago. I’m 26 years old, I just moved back from London to New Zealand and I’m broke.  I have no idea what I’m doing and still have a lot of the same fears and dreams I had when I was 20 (with a few changes).

A lot of my friends are married or getting married, having babies (no thanks), buying houses and I’m not even ready to commit to picking a favourite colour.

So I decided to take up deep breathing (yes, it can be a hobby). This allowed my negative-nana-voice to momentarily shut up and gave me time to remind myself of some super important details about life. Continue reading

Embracing uncertainty

“Anxiety is the feeling that this moment is ok, but the next moment, well you better watch out.”

As humans we always want to know what is going to happen. When we’re in a struggle we want to know that everything is going to be ok, that everything will work out. Not knowing is something you just have to embrace. It’s hard, but it’s life.

You can’t know the future but you have to have faith that everything will work out.

If you look back on your life you will see that things have worked out. They may not have worked out how you planned, you probably made mistakes, hurt people, people hurt you, you felt pain, were lonely but it still worked out. Maybe it hasn’t been pretty but you’ve found a way to make it through.

Everyone struggles. Regardless you have overcome. Caroline Myss says you can be going through a struggle but still be ok. It’s true. You might not feel ok, but you can choose to be ok.

Right now I would say I’m in a struggle. I decided to uproot my life in London and now I’m back in New Zealand. Now I am back in my homeland wondering what I’m going to do with my life. It’s scary not knowing. I’m trying to get comfortable with uncertainty.

Just do good

True beauty.

True beauty.

Yesterday one of my favourite people died, author and poet Maya Angelou. Although I never got to meet her, her words spoke to me like not much has.

I was reading through her quotes again yesterday and came across this one:

“What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good.”

It made me stop and think. Continue reading

What do you care about?


To live this life to the best of my ability, from love, not fear.

To live full of wonder.

To look back and be proud of how I lived. Of how happy I managed to be, despite the struggles.

To know that I loved myself and other people.

That I helped people to realise that they could live their dreams, because I led by example. Continue reading

Someone like you (but hopefully better)


Today I was walking to work listening to the beautiful song Someone like you by Adele. I have listened to it thousands of times, but today I felt tired of how tragic it was and I wanted to think of something that would make me laugh instead. So I started changing the lyrics in my head. This is the result.

Disclaimer: It is just meant to be a laugh and not to be taken too seriously. I would like to apologise ahead of this for butchering this truly lovely song but it was all in the name of a good laugh. Continue reading

The good news


“You’re a good girl and you know it. I know exactly who you could be” – Drake

I grew up in a church that told me that I was a sinner and that I needed to be saved from myself, because at the core I was bad. That is how I interpreted that good news.

I find this to be a tragic way to view the world. I’ve come to believe something different.

Do people do bad things? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they are bad.

I met an American psychologist in a cafe in Soho, London. He had seen many things. I asked if he believed that people were good or bad. He said neither. “People do things, and then we make judgements based on that.” It made me think. Continue reading

Fears shared


“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”
― Les Brown

What are you most afraid of?

Here are the two things I’m most afraid of:

1. That I will die and my life won’t have mattered. That I won’t have done everything in my power to have made the world better because I existed.

2. That I will never find anyone who loves me, despite all my flaws.

I’ve never really spelled my fears out on paper like this and shared them. Sharing fears can be scary. But a phone conversation with my friend Hayley inspired me to write this post. Continue reading

A good story

I met him in a burger shop.

It was the 2nd of February, 2014 and I was hungry. After dancing the night away in Hoxton, I changed buses at Waterloo station. While waiting for my next bus to take me home, I decided to rush into Sainsburys to get something to feed my cravings. As I entered the supermarket I saw my bus approacing the stop. Dilemma. Should I buy something to eat, and as a byproduct miss my bus? Or sacrifice late night junk food to get home 10 minutes earlier? I opted for the healthier option and jumped on the bus.

Upon approaching my ghetto hood, Camberwell Green, I decided I was still hungry and so got off a few stops earlier to buy a top quality 2 pound vege burger. I placed my order and waited in line.

He started talking to me. Continue reading

Perfectly human

Some days I wish I was perfect. I wish I had perfect eyebrows. Perfect skin. I didn’t constantly go up and down in weight. That I never felt bloated, or suffered from pms. That I was never mean to people, never thought nasty thoughts or talked about people behind their backs. That I never judged. That I didn’t have regrets. That I was never afraid of rejection. That I didn’t care what people thought, that I didn’t spend money I didn’t have, that I cared less about possessions. That I took better care of myself. Continue reading

The diary of a resistant runner

Sitting; one of my favourite pass times.

Sitting; one of my favourite pass times.

The alarm goes off, but I don’t have to get up. Free will is my friend. I hit the snooze button and go back to dreaming in a world where I didn’t sign up to run 42 kilometers in a foreign country. A world where exercise doesn’t exist.

I have a love/hate relationship with running. Mostly, I love to hate it. Why do I do it? Most days I ask myself the same question.

I’ve always envied those people in the gym who you just know are fitness freaks. Who love to exercise and their bodies are evidence of that fact. I’ve always longed to become a part of that club; deep down knowing I will never really belong there. I’m a resistant runner, slightly allergic to exercise. Continue reading

Live the questions


Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. – Rainer Maria Rilke

I once thought I had all the answers. From time to time I still do. Actually, I have no clue.

I have so many questions. Everytime I think I’ve found an answer another question appears.

When am I going to have the freedom to do what I want with my time?

When am I going to have enough money?

When am I going to be content?

When is everything in my life going to be enough?

This life is a mystery. Continue reading

Pretty Hurts.

Mama said, you’re a pretty girl
What’s in your head it doesn’t matter
Brush your hair, fix your teeth
What you wear is all that matters

Just another stage
Pageant the pain away
This time I’m gonna take the crown
Without falling down, down

Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Perfection is the disease of a nation
Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Tryna fix something
But you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery

Blonder hair, flat chest
TV says bigger is better
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says
Thinner is better

Ain’t no doctor or therapeutic that can take the pain away
The pain’s inside
And nobody frees you from your body
It’s the soul that needs surgery
It’s my soul that needs surgery
Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far
And you break when the paper signs you in the dark
You left a shattered mirror
And the shards of a beautiful girl

When you’re alone all by yourself
And you’re lying in your bed
Reflection stares right into you
Are you happy with yourself
It’s just a way to masquerade
The illusion has been shed
Are you happy with yourself
Are you happy with yourself

Thank you Sia.

Celebrity Endorsements

An unnamed source has just sent me these (possibly fake) testimonials from some pretty well known names. I can’t believe all these famous celebrities are endorsing my blog! Considering I have 10 (extremely loyal) subscribers I was shocked to receive these. I guess you can never know who’s watching (stalking) you from a distance. This is definitely a highlight in my blogging career. As the source does not want to come forward we can be certain these testimonials are legit. Continue reading

Don’t trust naked people.

I'm officially scarred after searching for this picture. You don't want to know.

I’m officially scarred after searching for this picture. You don’t want to know.


You really shouldn’t trust naked people. Especially the ones at nudist beaches. Why? Because you never know what could happen. You could end up pregnant. There’s limited protection.

I recently came across the wisdom of Maya Angelou. She is one super-awesome lady who I hope I get the chance to meet one day. Continue reading



I roamed the streets of Munich desperately in need of something to take away the pain. But everything was closed! Why?

I made my way to an internet cafe to feed another addiction. I explained my situation to the Indian girl at the cafe, that I was trying to find a pharmacy, but everything was closed. I said I was in need of drugs. To which she replied, “You want something special?”

I figured Panadol wasn’t really that special.

Turns out Germany is rather holy and still rests once a week by closing the shops on Sunday. Turns out it’s also very drug friendly.

I`m in Cambridge house sitting, before I return to London after a month away. A few days ago I flew in from Hamburg. For those unsure as to where Hamburg is, it´s in Germany. As many of my readers are located in New Zealand I don`t expect a high level of geography knowledge. As I´ve been telling people on my travels, New Zealand is a small country, surrounded by water. We are isolated from the world, so people can´t expect too much from us, really. Continue reading

Motivational Mission – Macklemore (Inspiration from outside of the thrift shop)

I get inspired by words. Often I find inspiring words within song lyrics.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are best known for their song Thrift Shop. I am a fan of a bargain, but I’m more a fan of inspiring words. Words that speak truth.

After buying their album I listened to it on repeat for a good month. Their music is a gift to the world and their album touches on a lot of important topics. I would like to share some lyrics from one of their songs today – Ten Thousand Hours.

Continue reading

Awesome Person – Patrice Williams (Previously known as Gangsta Patel)

A truly great person.

A truly great person.

I have known Patrice for 19 years and can’t believe it’s been that long. We grew up together in Palmerston North, New Zealand. She now lives in Egypt and is the Head of Performing Arts at an international school.

The way Patrice lives her life is inspiring. She is always up for an adventure and everything is exciting.

Her tolerance of all people continues to amaze me.

Patrice is funny, but can also laugh at herself.

She is deep – some of the greatest conversations of my life have been with Patrice.

Patrice has ambitions and lives life to the full.

She doesn’t complain and is a positive force in this world.

She is the friend everyone deserves.

Patrice, thank you for loving me when I couldn’t love myself.

Calling you my friend is one of the greatest achievements of my life.

What to do when life hits you with a brick

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”

― Maya Angelou

On a bad day the above can be a difficult task. Actually, on any day it’s a difficult task.

I’m finding life hard at the moment. This is mostly because I feel like on the inside I’m a super hot, famous, rich, important person.

The outside doesn’t always match the inside.

I have seriously limited funds (my print-your-own-money machine is currently out of order).

No one wants to take my photo on the street (even if I ask them to).

I’m trying to hand out my autographs on the tube and people are using them to blow their noses (no one cares that I’m a New Zealand celebrity).

Even homeless people don’t want to be my friend – unless I’m going to pay them (clearly I’m not in a position to do that).

My computer has crashed (I clearly can’t afford to fix it). I’m sitting at an Internet cafe right now. I’m extremely scared of web history in this place.

Life can be a tough crowd (thanks goes to my idol Taylor Swift for that beautiful line).

It doesn’t always give you what you want…right away. I’m still a firm believer that it gives you what you want eventually, if you work hard enough, stick at things and keep your mind in check.

Keeping your mind in check is one of the hardest things to do when you’re in a bad place. I truly believe life is basically just a constant battle of the mind. Sometimes you’re winning the battle. Sometimes you’re losing.

When I’m feeling sorry for myself and saying negative things to myself (out loud on a bad day), I just dwell on it. Yip, that’s right. I think “Christel you have it so bad. Life is such a bitch to you”. I cry a little, often looking at myself in the mirror while crying (it’s way more dramatic). I eat crappy food, which sometimes is my only friend. I owe pasta a lot (my ass may argue this).

It’s important to feel things. Does this contradict my advice to label thoughts ‘useful’ or ‘not useful’? Hell yes! I can’t imagine being right all the time, that would be sooo tiring. I reserve the right to contradict myself. Coz I can.

But wait…

After giving myself a period of time to wallow in my self pity (could be a day, could be a week. Longer than that is not ideal), I pick myself up, I dust myself off and I say “Life, I’m gonna show you who’s boss”. I say this out loud. Yip, I’m for shiz crazy as all hell.

It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself, because it’s important to feel things. Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes you don’t feel like carrying yourself anymore and that’s ok. But there comes a time when it’s just not ok anymore. There comes a time when you need to start labelling thoughts ‘useful’ or ‘not useful’ again. Because you are better than self-pity. You have so much to live for.

For me my drive is to make my rich, hot, famous, successful inside match my outside. It’s gonna happen. Yip, you’ll be constantly calling me up, asking for my autograph. I’ll say “where were you in the hard times”. Yeah, told!

Life isn’t always easy. I get tired of editing it for people. Here’s to the truth.

In conclusion…

Worth it

Don’t ya just hate me for concluding with this? I hate myself a little for doing this right now, but it’s true. I want to tell the truth with my life.

What do you do when life hits you with a brick? Please share your advice in the comments section below. It may get someone (perhaps just me) through a tough patch.


A special pose for a special moment with a horse.

Blonde people.

It’s been a long time coming. You’ve been emailing me constantly about when this video was going to appear (not really). I’ve been telling you to settle down. However, finally it has arrived.

Here is a short video of my trip to Denmark (Copenhagen and surrounding areas) in May, where I hung out with blonde people, including my friend Krystle (not Christel. That’s my name). I also visited my palace, rode a bike, met a boy who called me awkward (it was awkward), saw the Little Mermaid from behind and missed my flight back to London. All in all it was an awesome trip! Enjoy my documentation of the adventure.

Now that you have watched my awesome creation I would like to share some photos of Krystle, Christel (me) and other things in Denmark.

A special pose for a special moment with a horse.

A special pose for a special moment with a horse.

Holy money.

Holy money.

It's a castle!

It’s a castle!

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

I don't even know what I'm doing, but the food is definitely Danish.

I don’t even know what I’m doing, but the food is definitely Danish.

Legit dress ups.

Legit dress ups.

Krystle's awesome relatives.

Krystle’s awesome relatives.

A statue of importance.

A statue of importance.


On another exciting note I would also like to share that I have infact booked a one way ticket to hang out with the Romans. Yes, I’m going to Italy in September, perhaps never to return (I hope I return).


I'm excited.

I’m excited.


Much to my mother’s delight (hi mum) I have decided to go on a legit adventure and travel by myself through Italy and then up to Germany for Oktoberfest where I will meet some people I already know (some call these people friends).

During this trip I shall be sleeping on people’s couches for free (awesome!). These people shall be strangers, but I have a feeling we shall part as friends. Well I at least hope to meet people that let me part ways, and don’t lock me in their basement forever. What a waste of a good life that would be.

I will also be volunteering in cities and towns, staying at random people’s houses and working for free rent and food. Talk about a real adventure. Now that’s what I call living! I can’t wait and shall definitely be updating you throughout the awesome journey!

Peace out homies.

If you died today.


“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share.” – Steve Jobs

If you died today and then found yourself floating around somewhere in the after life how would you feel about the whole situation?

I try to think about death often. I even googled to find this thing called the death clock. It estimates have many hours, minutes and seconds you have left to live, if you live to see old age. It’s a bit scary.

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The power of words: How to stop negative self-talk

“Your outlook on life is a direct reflection on how much you like yourself.” ~ Lululemon



Your job is to realise you’re worthy and that you are responsible for your life.

So many people are waiting for a knight in shinning armour to love them or someone to come along and choose them and say “You’re special. You are great. You are what the world needs. Now go and do amazing things.” 
That person isn’t coming, because that person is already within you
I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe in God, or a higher power, nor am I telling you what your beliefs should be at all, except for your beliefs surrounding your worthiness. Continue reading

Motivational Mission


I love motivational stuff! I’m not afraid to say I’m a motivation junkie and I thought why the hell don’t I share my love for it here? After all this is my blog, I can do whatever the hell I want!

I’ll be sharing little pieces of wisdom that motivate me. I hope they will do the same for you, give you a boost when you need it and help you live a life worth being excited about!

Feel free to add your two cents if you wish and share things that motivate you in the comments section below. Awesome stuff!

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Awesome People


This smart guy called Albert Einstein once said:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

Here I was thinking the most important decision of my life will be whether or not I decide to let my massive fan following (more than five people) know that pink is in fact my favourite colour. Imagine the uproar a confession like that would cause.

I believe I live in a friendly world. It’s easy to forget that, when the news is constantly trying to tell you something different. This is why I don’t watch the news anymore. Yes, bad things happen and are happening, but there are also crazy amounts of amazing things going on.

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Models are people too.

Today marked my debut in the modeling world.

Here’s the ‘money’ shot from my fashion shoot:

I see many high end fashion model shoots in my future.

I see many high-end-fashion model shoots in my future.


I can already feel people treating me differently, now that I’m a model. I wish people would just remember that I’m still the same Christel. I’m just like them, except hotter!

Today on the street all these photographers were following me, trying to take my picture. It’s tiring being me sometimes.

I took this just after they finished taking my photo. This is why they aren't directly facing me.

I took this just after the photographers finished taking my photo. This is why they aren’t directly facing me.


Fine, you got me! My photo shoot above was in my room, while living in Invercargill, New Zealand. You can’t get more classy than that.

However, I did actually spend today in the fashion world, at London Collections. Continue reading

Live with the end in mind.


I once smoked for two months. I was 18. It felt good at the time and I thought it was cool. Every single smoke has stolen from me my greatest commodity. The craziest thing is I was the instigator of the robbery.

I didn’t understand the value of my time. Now I try to live my life like it matters. Because it does. And I’m not special, well no more special than you. This means your life matters too.

Unless reincarnation turns out to be truth, this is it. Our one shot at life on planet Earth. However, if we are infact reincarnated I would like to come back as Russell Brand, minus the sex and drug addictions of course. I know I have a lot to offer but I feel it would be fascinating to live inside Russell’s head. If coming back as Russell is not an option I would like to be black.

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I walked past a homeless guy as I exited Bond Street Tube Station on my way to work. He was young, probably about 20. He looked directly at me and it hurt.

I didn’t stop.

He had a sign that said “I’m hungry”. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be constantly hungry. The closest I’ve come to starving was when I decided to stop eating for six days after my nana called me fat. Never again. That was before I liked myself.

There are many homeless people in London. One of the hardest things is walking past them everyday. It makes me feel guilty that life is easier for me.

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Running around without a top? You need an O’Shirt.

When I first heard about O’Shirt I thought what a cool name. I then went to add the social enterprise on FB and unfortunately liked the wrong page. Now as a result I get constant updates from an average t-shirt company in America. This takes away from my ability to stalk many of my FB friends. It’s not ideal.

Moving along from that mishap…

One of my Australian friends decided to take a break from tanning on the beach (all Australians ever do) and create something to help other people. Let me introduce you to Brittany Kent.



Oh yeah!

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You are a massive elephant


You are a massive elephant, but you don’t need to go on a diet. Although your skin may be wrinkled, you don’t need botox. You just need to realise how strong you truly are.

When a baby elephant in captivity is trained it’s tied to a pole stuck firmly in the ground. The elephant fights, trying to get free and continues to struggle day after day until finally it realises it isn’t strong enough to free itself. It then grows up and becomes stronger, but because it’s been conditioned to believe it can’t break free it no longer fights. Although the elephant is now strong enough to escape it remains in captivity.

The same thing happens to humans. When we are young we want to explore all that life has to offer, be creative and chase after what we love. Then as we grow up we get trained and become conditioned to how we’re told we should live our lives. We’re told if we fail at school we’ll fail at life. We should go to university and get into massive debt so we can get a well paying job. We should get a well paying job so we can buy a big house and continue to be in debt for years to come. We should follow all these rules, even if it costs us our happiness.

Have you become conditioned to think that the quality of your life can’t be greater than it is now? That things are the way they are and you just have to go with it. I used to think this way. It’s a lie.

You are stronger than you realise. You can break free. You can chase after what you love and be happy.

Most people are waiting for tomorrow. Waiting for the future to be happy, but not taking steps today to get there. No one is going to hand you happiness. You’ve got to go out there and get it.

Happiness starts as an inside job. Do something today that makes you happy, regardless of how small it is. Then take just one step that will get you closer to where you want to be. It might even be writing down what you want. Stats show that people who write down their goals have an 80 percent higher chance of achieving them.

Remember, you’re a massive elephant.


Not getting what you want.

Sometimes you don’t get what you want.

The boy you like doesn’t like you back. The person you want to be your friend doesn’t make time for you in their world. The job you thought you were destined for is given to someone else.

Last Tuesday I went for my first job interview in London. I decided shortly after I moved here that I was only going to apply for jobs I felt would make me happy, where I could do work that was contributing to make the world a better place. I’ve only applied for two. In the meantime I’m doing temp work at various companies.

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Kiwi innovation.

On Saturday night I went out in Clapham Common (London). Here’s a picture of what this place looks like:

Not helpful?

Here’s a close up:

This could be a few years old. Hard to know. Google is my source.

During my night out I didn’t have anything to drink (lying), that’s why I feel amazing today (lying). Don’t worry, I don’t drink often (true!). I’m too worried about living for a very long time so I can hit random people’s bums with my walking stick.

I made a friend. I can’t remember his name, because when someone tells me their name I’m always just thinking about what interesting questions I can ask them about their life.

My friend, let’s call him Bob, really made me look at New Zealand as a country and what we’re projecting to the world.

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Should’ve been black.

I try not to spend too much time dwelling on it but I should have been born black.

Not because I’m an amazing singer, an extremely talented dancer and effortlessly cool, but because I could have been an amazing singer, an extremely talented dancer and effortlessly cool (I understand this is a massive sweeping generalisation to assume all black people have these gifts, but I’m rolling with it. It’s like saying all things of the kiwi variety are from New Zealand. It’s generally true. There are a few exceptions, eg kiwi fruit).

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Choosing happiness.

This monkey has crazy white teeth. I'm happy for him/her but would like to know what whitening products he/she is using.

I’m happy.

I think this is the first time I can truly say that and I know it’s not fleeting happiness, because I’ve finally realised that it’s a choice.

I always thought I’d be happy when I reached a certain weight, looked a certain way, made a certain amount of money, found an amazing boyfriend who loved me for me, found the perfect job. Turns out that’s not how it works.

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